17.02.2022 11:42:43

#Istandwithjeremy For the past two decades, I watched in horror as our culture lost direction and turned against our heritage as peace-loving humans. The past two years was a nightmare as suddenly my friends, family, neighbours, and coworkers were wishing death on others who disagree with them about disease and drugs. Jeremy Mackenzie and the fictional meme nation of Diagolon restored my faith in our people. We were indeed ALL raised to mind our own business, support bodily autonomy, and resist tyranny. Diagolon is simply a reminder, since a lot of Canadians forgot. And in the past month, Jeremy proved that we are the majority. We. Are. Canadian.

17.02.2022 11:46:19

I speak from experience on what I’ve seen and if Jeremy has done anything with his platform he has done quite the opposite of what he is being painted as by the criminal mainstream media. His platform has been a place where Jeremy was able to take peoples frustrations and anger and turn those things into something positive instead of something negative, into hope rather than despair, into community rather than hatred for one another and into laughter rather than tears, and I must say the tears have been one too many. The comedic and down to earth spin that he has put on so many issues has helped countless Canadians keep away from negative thoughts of suicide, violence, and acting In self destructive behaviours. From what i have witnessed and In my opinion Jeremy truly is a man who works day and night to keep the flames of destruction from rising too high into chaos, Jeremy has done his best to keep the fire from bursting out of control and burning everyone around it , while many others who slander his name do quite the opposite, like the PM, these liars choose to add gasoline to an already growing and dangerous flame while Jeremy does his best to keep it controlled , to keep it a campfire where all Canadians can gather, love one another, and be Canadians, no matter their background, no matter their their political views and no matter their stage in life. Thank you Jeremy for everything you have done, enough cannot be said about you. Although the history books may not read your name, your works and your legacy will be passed on through the generations forever and kept in the hearts and the souls of Canadians and their children and children’s children forever. - A Forgotten Soldier , A Father, A Canadian

17.02.2022 11:48:00

I stand with you Jeremy 💯 %. I've been watching what is unfolding . I thought I have been alone for such a long time. I've lost my marriage, but I fight on. Watching the courage you are showing is remarkable. I only wish is that my brother-in law would wake up. He is x military and is so asleep. He honestly thinks this is a terrorist thing. 😒😒🙄🙄, please if there is anyone who can help. I've tried to no success. I'm trying to wait it out but this is getting harder everyday. Thank you Jeremy for giving courage, and hope in Canada and our people ❤. God bless you.

17.02.2022 11:49:18

I can attest to the very same scenario - feeling lost and so disheartened. My brother told me to watch a podcast and I was hooked ! I laughed and laughed for the first time in months and it was definitely a turning point. We can not let him down! Much love and support ❤️🇨🇦🙏🏻

17.02.2022 11:52:19

Hahahahaha!! Trudeau is going to give props to Diagalon in the HOC and he doesn't even know it. Hahahaha! Anyone in the know realizes Diagalon is a beautiful "country" (LOL) of beautiful and amazing people of all walks of life, all religions, all colours. Amazing and VERY funny people. Trudeau is losing his mind. His tactics aren't working anymore and he knows it. Buit its all he has! LOL!!!

17.02.2022 11:58:08

I have been watching Jeremy for a long time. I started watching him after he was interviewed outside at Dalhousie. He was passionate ,as we all were about the Gov payout ( 10.5 million) to a murdering TERRORIST OMAR KHADR….. I yelled it for the ones in the back…. I resonate with the passion he displayed, and pain it caused him . It brought aware a reality for me. Men have served as protectors for our country, have seen and witnessed horrors .. SO WE DON’T HAVE TO .. I have watched every episode of his since.. thank you sir, for giving some of us a voice … but more importantly …. Thank you for your service….

12.02.2022 22:01:23

I started watching Jeremy years ago. He was saying out loud what I was thinking and discussing in personal circles. He was a lone voice in the Canadian wilderness. In 2020 he took a stand at the Omar Khadr event in Halifax. I remember two distinct things. First, I launched off the couch and shouted ‘Fuck yeah!’ when he was done speaking. Then I felt a sense of shame. A Veteran was standing alone, speaking about a deep wrong and was being attacked for his views. How had we as a nation allowed things to get this bad? Today, almost two years to the day of that event, I watched things come full circle. Rather than alone, he stood in the Nation’s capitol with fellow Vets and a sea of Canadians at his back. I don’t know Jeremy and will likely never meet him but I’m genuinely happy for him today. You did good Canada. 🇨🇦

12.02.2022 22:26:36

He was saying out loud what I was thinking and discussing in personal circles. He was a lone voice in the wilderness. Absolutely on point here. Well said. This man definitely kept me in the game during the dark days when I would sometimes think, am I the only one who thinks this way? He was able to keep up morale at a time when the enemy was almost about to say "checkmate". When the convoy was first rolling in to Ottawa, I was very excited for Jeremy. I thought this man, in particular, deserves a Hero's welcome for all he has done. Instead, on day one he and all the bigots suffered the first attacks from the MSM. Not only slanderous attacks, but the state actually laying the ground work to frame these people for something horrible. Too Jeremy's credit and his integrity, he and the bigots present in Ottawa laid low and out maneuvered the msm lies with simple respectful Canadian behavior, kept the mighty ol'slashy off the streets for a time, and essentially had the bad guys grasping at straws for a bigot boogie man to green light the state releasing the dogs of war. Instead of chasing glory, Diagolon played a ruse, acted as bait for the evil plotters and made them waste all their ammunition in the first week building up a nothingburger. All I can say is THANK YOU JEREMY MACKENZIE for all you have done for Canada. It will not be forgotten. ///

17.02.2022 12:01:02

I was going through a pretty dark time in my life when I found Jeremy online and then this community. Being connected with other people facing similar struggles and away from the friend/family/government/media gaslighting helped me step away from the edge.

17.02.2022 12:11:32

I only found Jeremy in the past couple weeks, but I was instantly hooked. His passion, humour and ferocious wit are second to none. For 17 years I have felt so alone, trying to wake up anyone at all. But now I realize I am not alone thanks to people like Jeremy and the community that supports them. I have two young boys that I have managed to protect from the jab so far. My wife is totally brainwashed. It keeps me up at night to not be there with you brave souls in Ottawa but if I go I’m sure my marriage will be over and we all know who gets the kids. Much love to all patriots. Thank you so much for your sacrifice. 🙏❤️🙏

17.02.2022 12:16:41

Jeremy is a living legend. Brings the truth with so much humor and has brought a lot of hope through these times to myself and so many people I know. All the best to him and his family

17.02.2022 12:17:38

I have been listening to Jeremy for about a year. His humour and understanding of situations here and around the world make him very enjoyable to listen to. Never have I ever felt that he was encouraging people to exercise prejudice or violence. Rather his experience serving his country in Afghanistan has prompted him many times to warn people about what happens from prejudice and violence.

16.02.2022 01:39:33

Diagolon started as a facetious area of people stretching from Alaska down to Florida but now can be found around the globe. Diagolonians(Dags) span over many nationalities and ethnicities and are full of good hearted and spirited people that are intolerant of evil in general such as pedophilia, rape, murder and or other such heinous acts or crimes. As such heinous things do exist in societies, crime deserves punishment and Diagolon believes the punishment can over suite the crime. Dags are commonly called "Bigot\Biggette". These titles have been accepted as a comedic over acceptance to our intolerances the leftist community depict of us. Diagolon and its Flag, Characters and Symbols give like minded individuals the opportunity to find each other easier and engage in discourse. A strong satirical humor is prevalent in discussion as we are all adults engaging in adult conversation but respect is found through out the community and a welcoming is always felt as friendship over great distances have been created. These friendships are not just online as in person meetups occur frequently in communities all over. Some individuals travel thousands of miles in adventure and are welcomed into homes and families to share conversations, meals, comforts and supports along their journeys. Diagolon has an old time connection with a technology twist. Tech allows for the ease of introduction but engage traditional meaningful conversations. I have been fortunate to be involved with the community and meet people of all different backgrounds and experiences that have helped to enrich, enlighten and inspire me and I feel I have contributed to the community in ways some may need. I feel comfort in expressing my thoughts and beliefs as fellow Dags thoroughly hear me speak or express myself and in return are honest and forthwith in their replies. As sunrise occurs for some and night falls for others, there is always someone there who will wish you sweet dreams or good mornings \\\DTS\\\

17.02.2022 12:19:32

Mackenzie rocks! Diagalon (if it REALLY existed), would be the perfect country for peace loving, happy people with beautiful souls of all walks of life, religions and cultures. These are things Trudeau DOESN'T want to hear. I've been following Jeremy and his Podcast subscribers for quite a while now and its a wonderful thing and are very entertaining and comical during a very depressing time in Canada under a tyranical rule. He's a decorated combat soldier who was deployed and did his duty as his nation and the GOVERNMENT requested. He did his duty abroad and is now defending the rights and freedoms of Canadians by exposing the leftist marxists in government. The attempts to assassinate his character are fruitless. Those who know him and his character know thats he stands for freedom. The only threat he is to the current government in power is his intelligence and love for his fellow man. Yes, thats a threat to them indeed.

17.02.2022 12:21:52

I found Jeremy after the NS massacre and his viral, spot on rant. I've never commented or participate in any lives, but I was appalled by what I saw reported about the patches at Coutts. Rest assured, I've listened faithfully for at least a year, and I knew the allegations were bogus in that instant. Honestly, I was a little annoyed that he felt compelled to come out and deny allegations so absurd. However, I'm not in his shoes or under the same pressure so I'm sure he did what he felt he had to. I'm going to go back to quietly lurking and listening now but I stand with him.

17.02.2022 11:19:53

I've had a couple days to reflect on our last night at Coutts Crossing. To process the hit peices in the media. How that event went from a highlight, happy show of peace and unity, to one of the darkest and surreal nights ever. I'm currently writing about it in long form. To myself for now. I hope you all stay strong and continue to support the community and the people they are smearing and railroading. We still have work to do. We still have children's futures to protect. We have friends that need our help. We still need each other. I love you all. I've never met a member of this community who harbored hate or malice toward anyone or anything. I'm just thankful to be here.

17.02.2022 12:56:01

Jeremy, where do I even begin man. I came across your podcast in probably one of the darkest days of my life. In the midst of prepping for the inevitable road long hard road ahead after finding out like so many that I no longer have a way to feed my family, you were the bright shining light amongst the constant darkness surrounding me. You weren't just another guy with a podcast, you express raw genuine emotion and the reality of the dire situation we are facing as provinces, a country and world as a whole. You are as authentic as it comes, and this is why the establishment is terrified of you. Stay strong, stay safe and you still got people left out there to save. We will drink our milkshakes on this hill when it's over. But until then, FYMM.

17.02.2022 13:32:44

Hair on my arms are standing up, been watching your podcasts for months, thanks Jeremy for everything, I’m 26 an a Ontario farmer. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate what you’ve done & are doing & I’ve been to Ottawa in person an it’s really amazing an something you have to see with you own eyes.

17.02.2022 13:52:06

I wish I could explain how much this group has changed my outlook on life. I had felt totally alone and without hope for years at that point. Discovering that I was not actually alone and that there was an entire group of people who felt like I felt changed my whole outlook on life. I went from being terribly depressed and isolated to feeling as though there was a place for me in the world. For that, I will be forever grateful to Jeremy MacKenzie, and Derek Harrison.

17.02.2022 13:49:06

Thank you for everything you have done these past years. I watch ur podcast every mon wed fri and it has helped me so much and made me realize I was on the right side as there is a whole community of us.

17.02.2022 13:57:32

I've been watching Jeremy for a couple years now.never once have I felt so accepted or understood by someone I've never met or by a group of people I've never met.this community has gotten me through the darkest time I've experienced so far in my life.its hard to put into words what this community means to me,so thank you Jeremy,thank you Alex,thank you Derek,and all the other people involved in this, for giving me the strength to keep fighting.thats what community and family are for,at least the way I remember it

17.02.2022 14:10:00

Adding my own little bit onto this comment because I’m somewhat tech inept and have zero idea how to post my own comment (not because I need to stay anonymous) I know everyone is making vids but I’m just going to be real…I don’t think I’d be able to compose myself to truly say how I feel so here goes my honest word vomit… I am not even sure how or when I stumbled across the OG Raging Dissident‘s IG. I also had no understanding of what this flag was and why there were little references to it in the podcasts, on other peoples’ instagram posts, or on yours. I’ve never actually met anyone from this “community” and one might think that I would appear as an online lurker, since I don’t really engage with said community. I do know, unequivocally, that from the very first time I heard you speak, I felt better about my life’s circumstances than I have for a long time. Boohoo, life for me has been tough as of late…I’m not the first and certainly won’t be the last. (I will spare you and whomever else the mundane details of that…I would ascertain that mine would seem a walk in the park comparatively, I’m sure). Having someone/something to make me laugh, give me hope, nod my head in agreement, etc. has been a sincere source of positivity (even if it’s on this “square world”). To read/view the absolute egregious things that have been said of you is incomprehensible. I’m sure in “real life”, you’re not perfect…no one is, however, to date, I have yet to see any display of anything except truthful dialogue mixed with a lot of humour and sarcasm, which, let’s face it, we all could use more of these days. I genuinely hope you sue the bejesus out of everyone that’s been involved in the bullshit of defaming you, doxxing your fam, and whilst I’m of little help where I’m at, I will 100% defend the asinine and insulting nonsense that is being directed at you. I’m one of many that stand behind you.🖤🖤

15.02.2022 02:53:12

Two solid years I’ve been following you. At first, it was sporadic, I wasn’t always catching streams, you were just starting the ragecasts. I was suffering “red pill rage”, and so angry at everything, feeling like I had been lied to my whole life. You put things into a perspective I could understand and the humour really helped to diffuse that anger. Your show became “must watch tv” for me. I don’t even have cable or anything. Not even Netflix. I started engaging with the community online in your chats and found some really amazing people near me. I’ve had these friendships for well over a year now, and it makes me feel whole to have community again. Most of us know what it’s like to be isolated, angry, scared… and Jeremy helped to quell all those irrational feelings. He gave me something real. He gave me hope and strength when I needed it. Thank you Jeremy Mackenzie and all the Plaid Army people, and the the Diagolon community. I don’t know who I would be today if not for your love, support and friendships. \\\

15.02.2022 02:56:24

We owe you a debt of gratitude for standing up for Canada and facing the odds. Although the word bigot is thrown around in jest I never found one in the communities. All I found was amazing people of all skin colours and backgrounds coming together to support our Country. Thank you for being a true Canadian. Your a Saint for what you did here. DTS \\\

17.02.2022 15:42:47

Jeremy dear You are my hero! I thank you for your service your bravery courage valor and candor! You are an inspiration for all of us lucky enough to have found you. You have helped me feel understood and validated and for that I am forever grateful. Thank You for being my voice! 😘

17.02.2022 15:49:06

I have been following Jeremy's podcasts since April of 2021. I was having a difficult time emotionally as well with all the craziness going on. I'm 57 years old and a Veteran. My oldest son is the same age as Jeremy. It's kinda funny cause I feel like he is an extra son to me. Jeremy's podcasts have helped me to laugh and not to take life so seriously. He reminded that there are good people out there and that I am not alone. I have never ever seen or heard anything racist, extremist, or misogynist. If I had, I would have stopped listening. Thank you, Jeremy for everything you have done and do to lighten our darkness. Just like Ole Slashy, the light over comes the darkness. Chimo!

17.02.2022 15:57:11

I found out about Jeremy through a friend of mine at work a few years ago and managed to start getting into his podcasts/live streams around ragecast 30. Managed to briefly meet him at rally in my city where he started yelling at old boomers telling him to put on a mask, and i thought to myself, yep this guy fuckin gets it and we're going to become friends and we did. Fast forward a little bit he moves out here and we have a little get together and i find out he's the same dude all around, online and in person which is huge fucking rarity these days. Met some really great people through him, connected to a lot of like minded folk that thought just like me, and it slowly started getting bigger and my heart started getting fuller because i knew i wasnt alone anymore, everyone I've met through Jeremy or through diagolon have welcomed me with open arms like we've known one another our entire lives and i wouldn't change that for the world. I have and we all have Jeremy to thank for that, i love every single one of you even the bigots and bigettes I've never had the pleasure of meeting, were all connected now and growing stronger everyday, and to Jeremy we became brothers through this.. and i thank you i appreciate you and the things you've done not only for me but this community, I've always got your back, you always have a spot out here, love you brother. DTS \\

17.02.2022 16:24:52

#istandwithjeremy I don't have a camera set up, so no video. Yet. I've never had the honor of serving our country in uniform. Those who do - past and present and future: You have my undying love and respect. I have never met Jeremy. Yet, thanks to the blunt, obnoxious, stubborn and unyielding insistence of someone I that love and respect, I started watched his podcast over the past few months, and (all too slowly) came to realize just how badly we are being treated as a people. These are good and decent folks, and Jeremy is top tier. I might never meet you or shake your hand, but even if that never happens, I hope I can at least say: Thank you, Jeremy, for waking me the frakk up. Thank you for reminding us that there is still hope in the world. Thank you for keeping Phil (somewhat) at bay! I'm off the damned couch, now. Maybe that's a place to start. To anyone who wants me to sit back down: FYMM.

17.02.2022 16:46:16

Saw Jeremy ranting prior to the last election when I was leaning towards PPC having lost all faith in the direction the government was headed. I spat my water out and ran to show the clip to my husband. We died laughing, as it was like God had just adjusted our personality molds and created another gem of a human being. It's difficult at 35 to find people who aren't brain dead and actually care about the world and the future generations and how to make a difference. Being whittled down to the only pure bloods in our families, we moved to the country with our own business and made our own pure blood community by chance, prior to Diagolon discovery. The idea of Diagolon exists in many lives even if they do not know about it or call it the same. The idea that Trudeau is the purest piece of shhhhh in the country has existed long before he became PM. Matthew Perry knew this in high school and the West never forgot about Sr flipping off our parents. I stand with Jeremy.

17.02.2022 17:27:24

ok, well, I too am somewhat inept re: posting comments here, and no need to be anonymous. wow, where to begin? i've been watching this corona virus shit show theatre since the beginning, and something just felt 'off' right from the get go. what i couldn't initially express in that regard, i most certainly felt in my body. months of anxiety, like, wtf up with that? fear, fear, and more fear. constant bombardment. and, me sitting here thinking if the world has not just gone insane, then perhaps i'm the one who is insane. my family thinks i'm nuts, a conspiracy theorist, given to dogma, our government is only doing this 'for our own good'...yeah...luckily, in some respect, i don't live anywhere near them🤣 (no city for me, thank you). i started trying to find out as much information as i could, and when i wasn't finding satisfactory answers, i started looking to different platforms. it's been a long journey. i jumped ship from the mainstream (cbc really does promote hate in what comments they allow vs. those they censor - why someone is not censored for suggesting that antivaxxers die, but you can't post anything about valid information that goes against the fucking narrative, is truly mind boggling to me), found substack communities, and now finally here. Jeremy popped up on my radar probably just over a year ago now, and i was like 'who is this fucking guy? he fucking GETS IT!' you could have knocked me over with a feather. finally, i felt like I AM NOT CRAZY AND I AM NOT ALONE. i am so sick of what is being done to this country. i am so sick of the bullshit that our governments spew in regard of what is 'acceptable.' i don't know Jeremy, but i do know when someone is being honest and speaking from the heart (and they make absolute fucking sense). that he is being vilified, and that your community is being vilified in this manner (just waiting for you to be mentioned on global bc now) is absolutely disgusting and WRONG on so many levels. obviously, our governments lack any sort of a sense of humour. they do know very well how to lie, though. i wish i could be in ottawa. i was ecstatic when the truckers left BC (still imposing mandates here, oh yay), i was moved to tears to watch as (the real) Canadians lined the highways and crowded the over passes. it finally felt like something GOOD and TRUE was happening after two years of bullshit. and, i am so grateful to those of you who can be there, and who keep us updated (do you never sleep?). keep speaking your truth, Jeremy. you are fucking BRILLIANT! oh, and don't ever stop laughing because it's fucking infectious 🤩. i stand with you. lots of love from horsefly, bc.

17.02.2022 17:50:22

I'm from Manitoba and have been following Jeremy for a long time likey since the beginning. He has always resinadted with me,tho I must admit my viewing was intermittent but in the last 2 years since the country turned its back on my wife and I and our 3 children for our choice not to undergo a medical procedure our family turned to Jeremy for a laugh in these dark times and that he gave us. Often we would sit down on Friday night with our children and die laughing at the way Jeremy would portray the clown world the we call Canada now. We are a peace loving family who just want Canada back to what it once was. We are off the couch now and peacefully active in the honking. Thank you Jeremy are family is indated to you.

17.02.2022 18:41:52

I was ready to give up last September, then I saw the video of Jeremy regarding that shit stain Omar, which led me to his stream and then to this community on Telegram. Thank you to everyone here, who has given me assurance that I'm not alone or insane. All the gardening, prepping, defence, and spiritual advice that I was afraid ask for has been poured out like water. I've had many personal (on and off thewagon too many times) and some inter-personal struggles in the past 6 months of being here, I've never "met" more pure-hearted, honest, resilient and Patriotic people than I have in \\\ Thank you, Jeremy, for having the gonads to be "the bad guy" ❤️

17.02.2022 18:58:06

Being able to look toward a community like this for support in the last 10 months has help me greatly. Fresh out of high school, and living within the ideological nuke that is Toronto, it was tough to find people that would tolerate my views. I had stayed quite, I didn’t step outside the lines and kept it all to myself. Within a month of finding Jeremy’s streams I started expressing my views to my friends, and often those who followed me. I lost a lot of friends, found new friends, and reignited old friendships via the strength and encouragement Jeremy bestowed on me. It was toughest to let my parents know my views, at some points still is, but they have exempt and welcomed my opinions. This community has improved my life mentally and physically. I will never look back at this community with regret no matter the propaganda or smears. Jeremy, you have sent ripples of hope through and beyond this community.

17.02.2022 19:06:25

Alright here we go. I suck at public speaking you've been forewarned. Back in the Dlive days we lived in Grande Cache. My husband had gotten hooked on Jeremy from something my mom had posted before Jeremy was banned from FB. Hubby watched Jeremy fairly faithfully after that. I'll be honest when I first watched Jeremy I thought he was just another loud mouth (at this point I already hated chicklets in my defense). I'm not that girl who watches housewives from wherever so Hubby would stream Jeremy. I'd be reading or playing stupid games with Jeremy's voice in the background. At some point (April 2020) something really resonated with me about what Jeremy was saying. I started listening. I had known things were messed up...Jeremy gave me a perspective that I could understand. As many have stated, Jeremy has the ability to articulate in words how I feel. The people I've met because Jeremy had stated "Find your friends" are some of the most amazing, loving, giving people I've ever met. Now about Diagalon. It means so much to so many. Some dude stoned on legal edibles saw that there was a bunch of provinces and states sharing the same view against a certain narrative made a diagonal line. That stoned dude has done more to unite Canadians then any political party. He like most of us just wanted to be left alone. During the last 2 years Jeremy has endured many persons hardships. Even so the man was still there for the community. No matter what he had personally going on he always reached out. I am absolutely appalled by the way our government and media are trying to smear Jeremy. The man deserves our honor. He has paid part of the price for me to say what I'm saying. Jeremy MacKenzie is one of the most honest, courageous, and inspiring people I've had the honor of listening to. Love you Jeremy. I'm grateful that you were brought into my life.

17.02.2022 19:49:56

I've been watching Jeremy's podcasts for almost two years now. He has not only provided a massive outlet for the frustration and angst many of us Canadians have felt, but he has undeniably STOPPED people from being pushed over the edge by giving them a community and ultimately an outlet for their frustrations. Jeremy is a kind, peaceful and good hearted man. He encourages us to get our own houses in order and promotes self-improvement, not hatred or extremism. He is a man I respect greatly and I am forever grateful to him for putting himself out there for people like me. The way he has been dragged through the mud over his political opinions would be considered an abomination in a free society, however we are far from that. Despite these attacks, Jeremy has remained strong and held to his principles of non-violence. Jeremy has encouraged me to find like minded Canadians in my area, friendships that will last for life. Thank you Jeremy for all that you do

17.02.2022 20:18:45

Ladies and Gentlemen, PureCanadian here. I stand with Jeremy all day long. I have never met him personally, but i feel like i've known him for a long time. Since when did happiness become the root of all evil? The picture that the government is trying to paint about Jeremy is utterly ridiculous and quite frankly insulting to many of us that have literally been on the edge or defeated at some point, only to be saved by him in the darkest of times. We all know the truth. My thoughts and prayers are with you brother. If i had to describe diagolon in one word.....🤔 supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

17.02.2022 21:08:02

The upside of having so much content is it gives people a chance to really get to know you if they listen to enough, the downside is it makes finding specific clips a challenge. One of the most impactful statements (paraphrased) I heard from Jeremy Mackenzie was - Anyone who has witnessed a government collapse or civil war would do ANYTHING to avoid it. There are always unintended consequences, there are always innocent people hurt. War really is hell on earth and is to be avoided at all cost. There has never been incitement for violence of any kind, just the warning that it can happen and faster than you think. He encouraged people to get healthy and to take care of themselves, body and mind. Make healthy food choices, exercise, spend time with positive people. Diagalon is basically based on 'agree to disagree'. I'll go over here, you go over there and we'll all get on with our lives with people who want to live like us. Also it WAS A JOKE. It's been a long stressful couple years and sometimes a little dark humour can help you cope. He pulled some of us out of really dark places. Helped us face all the hysteria with humour and honesty instead of numbing self medication. #istandwithjeremy

17.02.2022 21:51:10

I'm not a man of many words unless I have something which I feel is important to say. I've never been accused of being a genius, but I know the difference between good and evil, right and wrong, truth and lies. I don't know Jeremy personally, but I do know that he is a good man doing what is right by telling the truth while there are so many evil people lying and doing what is wrong by all accounts. I know that good people, doing good deeds is so much more powerful, than evil. I stand with Jeremy and all the good, honest people on the right side of history. #istandwithjeremy

17.02.2022 21:55:21

Jeremy Mckenzie is the real deal 👌 💯. My husband and I found out about Jeremy from listening to Mark Friesen . We heard Jeremy speaking last summer at City Hall in Saskatoon. Long story short.......Jeremy you are CANADIAN 🇨🇦👏👏👏👏🍁🍁🍁🍁. A real strong 💪 man who is a North Star for the Patriots of the Plaid Army and the community of Diagalon inspired on a night of edible inspiration. We are in our 50's and appreciative Jeremy each and everyday.

17.02.2022 22:32:01

I am a husband and father of 3 children. My kids are mixed race. Not that it should fucking matter. Covid destroyed my small business and made me lose 90% of my extended family because I would submit to an experimental vaccine. Alone and depressed without a sense of belonging I found freecanada.win and that let me to Diagolon. Jeremy MacKenzie helped me through some of the darkest times in my life. I can relate to the anger and frustration he feesl by seeing our country lose it's freedom. When Rage does his show I feel like he is right beside me talking to me. He is hilarious and tells the truth. I have met some people in the community and they are exceptional humans. Diagolon has truly gotten me and my family through these rough times. Salute! \\\

17.02.2022 22:40:19

#istandwithjeremy I just would like to say a few words about a person that has gotten me thought some rough couple of years. I go by Foghlai in this community and it is that a community. We are like minded souls that believe in many the same things a love for our country and its history. We do not care of your race or religion it is not the thing that defines us. Its our hearts and souls that do that. We have shared many a night online laughing and joking as Jeremy entertained and informed us. We all shared many a laugh and tears with each other. I know to some insensitive people our humor is dark I may of been on that side more often that not. But we are not the types to offend easily if at all. In fact the whole Diagolon meme country seems to be the ultimate joke. Something invented at the spur of the moment one evening that has now being turned into something for political gain. I have only met Jeremy once and it was briefly at the War Memorial in Ottawa. But to me it was like meeting a old friend I just haven't seen in a while. I was there to see a honorable veteran as he stood on the steps of the memorial and we all said the Lord Prayer and sang O Canada. It is a moment I will remember for the rest of my life. The attacks by the media on him are despicable in my view for someone that I believe cares deeply and has serviced his country with honour. For us Bigots and Bigettes as we call ourselves I can only say Thank You for all you have done for our spirts and sanity for the last few years.

17.02.2022 22:45:44

Hi there, Isn’t it wonderful to see how many people Jeremy has inspired and/or saved? A common thread here is that he is a light in the darkness, so many people, including myself, have felt so isolated and made to feel crazy or question our own judgment. I too, have found a community, and the strength and courage to stand up and fight. Thank you Jeremy, for your humour and wisdom, and the sacrifices you’ve made for our country. We have your back. Much love,

17.02.2022 14:26:11

I have been frequenting the protests in Ottawa to show my undying support for the freedom convoy. Thanks to my long term friend and fellow patriot BGB I have officially met Jeremy, Ferryman, Derek among other notable members of this community. The night was full of laughs love and positivity. Their hospitality was but a reflection of the community they have established. As a proud Canadian I was happy to see the camaraderie of the likeminded individuals that had come together for such an important point in our countries history. My first impression of Jeremy was that he was a strong, outspoken, charismatic, freedom loving patriot and it should be a wake up call to many Canadians that those are the characteristics that make you an enemy of the state. #istandwithjeremy the “find our friends” symbolism of the flag of diagalon. As well as all my freedom loving Canadians who have sacrificed their livelihoods and taken the time to stand up against the tyrannical projection of our nation and the utter neglect of our rights as humans and as Canadians. We should be able to exercise our rights to peacefully protest and voice our opinions without being condemned by members of parliament along side the complicity of mainstream media. Where once I felt like a single flame against the darkness. This community has helped me see the city of light shining bright in the hearts of my fellow Canadians. HOLD THE LINE

21.02.2022 10:46:11

Last summer I was feeling pretty hopeless and helpless. Found out some of my friends & family were losing their jobs because of this global bs and that lit a fire under my ass. Since then I’ve been stumbling down the rabbit hole trying to figure out what the hell is going on. Was referred to Rage by a couple army buddies and have been hooked ever since. A huge thank-you to Jeremy - you are able to bluntly articulate everything running thru my head. You make me laugh, you make me cry and it’s so awesome listening to you. I take immense comfort knowing there is a community of like minded people and we are not alone! We love you and are holding the line here out west!

21.02.2022 12:46:31

Been following Jeremy for years now. The episode that truly hooked me was " Why I Became a Conspiracy Theorist". I remember thinking he sounds exactly like me! Over the years Jeremy's podcasts have lifted me up, made me laugh and restored my faith that there was " Good people" still left in this country. It has been an honour and a privilege being a part of this community of strong, compassionate, funny, intelligent and above all caring people. Hold the line. Sic Semper Tyrannis.

21.02.2022 13:51:28

I have been following Jeremy for quite some time, he has always had a way of making even the darkest day's have some light. I never bothered with the whole telegram groups thing until a couple months back and even then I rarely message or talk to people on it. I have always been a quiet loner type mainly because I have zero communication skills, cannot keep a conversation going to save my life. I had completely given up on making friends over the past 10+ years but I took a chance and went to my first meetup for Diagabowl, our first year anniversary party. Even though I was "That guy" that no one knew and I didn't talk very much I was instantly accepted as a member of the Diagolon family. I felt acceptance and understanding I no longer felt alone. Jeremy is a great guy and an awesome comedian I am honored to have come across his channel and to have been accepted as a member of the family. Thank you all Hail Diagolon. \\\

21.02.2022 16:06:27

I found Jeremy on facebook shared by my mother inlaw. I followed him on youtube for many months listening, laughing, raging on the news of the day. Then followed to trovo and dlive when the sensors started to deplatform him. The antics and speaking of truth to power was empowering and through the chat box knowing I wasnt going insane there were people on this planet that shared the same view of the world. Then one faithful stream the "find your friends "campaign was launched .and in doing so I have met some.of.the greatest people in my life i have ever known, the relible loving people that shared initailly only one common thread and that thread was Jeremy Mackenzie. I cannot convey in words how much this has affected my life and the life of many others in this community. I stand with Jeremy Mackenzie The people from a THC induced meme counrty stand with him as well.

21.02.2022 17:47:06

There's been a lot of talk about the past and how this community and ragecast helped us cope. It's helping me cope now more than ever. Now when the vote to ratify martial law isn't being mentioned on the radio at all, when half the people I talk to still don't even know what it is let alone the implications... even though I don't chat with people so much anymore this chat, rageboard, East Coast Canadian, and the firey Rage himself are keeping my hope alive that this isn't over. #istandwithjeremy #diagalonforever

22.02.2022 16:08:34

The wrongful accusations and threats to your livelihood are significant and you are not wrong to feel scared or uncertain. Deep breaths. Meditate. Plan/prep. Find people near you who also want to figure out a solution, for support and preparedness. Try to be proactive in that sense if you can. I’m not suggesting to ignore what is happening, but be cognizant of what is going on and try to keep occupied with acts of kindness and self improvement. Things that will feed your soul and not rob you of it.

22.02.2022 21:23:24

Rage! Your epic rants keep me sane! Don’t ever stop! Thanks for all you do. Thanks for creating this community and showing us we are not alone.

21.02.2022 15:29:35

I like many people here don't really like talking about myself so this is gonna be hard but it is necessary. Jeremy Mackenzie AKA Rage is a voice crying in the wilderness that we all needed! we needed a kick in the ass to get us going, and a place to go. never in all my life would i have ever believed that our government could sink so low and stop at nothing to try to destroy one person so badly. this community that he has created for like minded patriotic people to be part of regardless of skin color, ethnic background, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, gender preference etc all are still welcomed, there is not exclusion or racism here. while i have not met J Mack personally as of yet it is a great honor and privilege to know him with in this community and through his podcasts. the only impressions i get from any of his actions or words are to find friends and build community, be self sufficient when needed, but to help one another if and when you can. spend time with friends get outdoors do things that are healthy for you and your soul. unlike many other out there that sow division, hatred, exclusion and racism the only thing that's on their minds is destruction and their own gain. May god have mercy on your souls. we are just regular people trying to live our lives and do our best with what we got and wanted to be left alone but they just could not help themselves.

21.02.2022 11:41:01

A good buddy of mine and i would go for coffee often and discuss political issues and many other things and one day he shows me a little bit of a Rage Cast he had stumbled upon. I immediately recognised Jeremy from when he confronted CBC for trying to make a terrorist into a hero and when i got home looked for his pod cast on Rumble. Listening to Jeremy speaking so passionatly and bringing truth to what is happening in our country resonated with me and i have been a supporter of his since around Ragecast 176 or so. As i live alone and when this Vaccine/Bio Weapon segregation mandate came about there were some very lonely times here for me. i found myself looking forward to Mon, Wed and Fri evenings as Jeremy's podcasts had me laughing so hard that the neighbours must now think i am crazy! When he suggested the find your friends thing i did search and did join a few groups for a while where i found an abundance of information on gardening, prepping and people eager to help each other! Thank you Jeremy for your service and for being a truly great Canadian!

21.02.2022 10:33:51

I remmeber seeing him first on the interview with police on guard and then on the Alex jones show and thinking thank God there is a Canadian out there on the alex jones show.

21.02.2022 09:44:41

I am fairly new to this group of amazing people. I found Jeremy first and it branched to an entire community of support. I was almost ready to give up and Jeremy brought me back to life. Someday I hope to thank him personally, until then I will say I have your back no matter what happens. The least I can do for you always having ours.